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The Travellers Guide to Morocco

Traveling by Road in Morocco.

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In the north and west of Morocco, major roads will be hard surfaced roads but south of the High Atlas mountains, they are less common and travel in the mountains can be difficult in winter. Morocco does not have a good road safety record and care is required, particularly in the dark where you need to be ready for unlit obstacles, vehicles or animals.

The cities are busy, and particularly near the old parts or medinas, there are ikely to be a large number of motorbikes or mopeds. Car drivers give the impression of not giving much respect to motorcyclists, and the motorcyclists do not appear to care too much.

As a pedestrian, crossing busy roads can appear daunting and crossings do not appear to make matters much easier. However you are likely to see people crossing a wide busy road, being clear about where they are going, and the traffic simply goes round them.


Traveling by bus is a very economical way to get around Morocco and in most cases they are reported to be very good, with a much larger network than the railway.
There are local bus companies operating in different areas plus national companies offering transport between most cites.
Bus from Casabalanca to Marrakech will cost around 10 pounds.

Hire Car

Hire cars are available but not as cheap as you might expect. For comparison, figures quoted by a major international company for an economy 4 door car for one week are as follows:
Gatwick, UK, 144 Pounds
Alicante, Spain, 213 pounds
Casablanca, Morocco, 326 pounds

Fuel prices in Morocco are around 69% of UK prices or 155% of US prices (figures obtained November 2016)

Petite Taxis

These are small taxis limited to a maximum of 3 passengers and generally found in the cities and have meters. They are quite cheap - if 3 are sharing, they can work cheaper than a bus.

Grande Taxis

These tend to be large Mercedes (not new), catering for upto 6 passengers and can be used for longer journeys. These do not have meters and the price needs to be agreed before the journey (negotiating skills may be required). Unless you or your party are paying for all 6 places in the taxi, the driver may wait for more passengers.

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