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The Rail Network of Morocco.

Morocco Railway Network

Though not extensive (there are no rail links south or east of the Atlas mountains) the national Moroccan rail network, run by ONCF is a useful (and reasonably priced) method of traveling between most of the major cities.

It is not possible to buy rail tickets from outside of Morocco - it will be necessary to take pot luck and buy your tickets on the day you travel, or if you are able to, buy them from the station a day or two in advance.

Trains are being updated and in late 2007, a deal was struck for a French built TGV high speed rail link to be built in Morocco. This will run down the coast from Tangier to Casablanca and on to Marrakech, a distance of 500Km. The first stage of the project will be Tangier to Kenitra (approximately 40KM north of the capital, Rabat), and is expected to be operational sometime in 2017.
The new line connecting Nador to the existing rail network at Taourirt was completed in mid 2009.

Below are a selection of routes, time taken, and approximate cost in dirhams for a particular day in November 2016.
Where two prices are given, this represents first and second class (you may well consider first class to be worth the extra cost).

Route Distance Km Time Trains/Day Cost in Dirhams
Fez to Meknes 55 32 mins 12 32/22
Fez to Rabat 220 3.5hrs 18 127/85
Nador to Fez 315 6hrs 5 137/104
Tanger to Casablanca 320 5hrs 11 195/132
Casablanca to Marrakech 230 3.25hrs 12 148/95

Exchange Rates Nov 2016 - One Dirham = 0.099 US Dollars, 0.080 GB Pounds and 0.094 Euros.

You will find the city railway stations located in the Villes Nouvelles, as with the Marrakech station shown below.
Marrakech Station

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