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The Rif Mountains - Northern Morocco.

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The Rif Mountains

Map of Rif Mountains, Morocco

The Rif Mountains lie in northern Morocco, not part of the Atlas mountains but part of an arc that swings up to the rock of Gibraltar and southern Spain.
The Rif mountains run from the coast at Tangiers and follow the rugged Mediterranean coastline, almost ot the Algeria border, rising to 2448 m above sea level at their highest point.

This rugged area has some fertile valleys used for agriculture, which is likely to include illegally gown canabis, for which it has become famous to some.

Within these mountains you will find white washed villages in an Andalucian style - not surprisingly as when the Moors were finally pushed out of Spain by the Christians, many ended up here.
It has been said that the villages in the Rif may give you a better idea of old Andalucia than Andalucia itself.

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