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Moulay Idriss.

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Moulay Idriss
The Rif Mountains

Map of the area.

Approximately 30 Km north of the city of Meknes, lies the holy town of Moulay Idriss, just 3Km from the Roman ruins of Volubilis. The town is home to the shrine to the 8th century first sultan of Morocco, Mausoleum of Moulay Idriss I.
At one time, Christians were not allowed to even visit the holy town, but now, they can visit but not stay the night. Non Muslims, however, are not allowed in the Mosque or the shrine.
The town does cater for tourists without particularly encouraging them and there are a number of cafes and shops.

Built spread over a low hill, the town has a maze of narrow cobled streets that wind their way upwards.
Guides are available who can take you to viewing points where you can see more of the city without offending anyone.

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