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Map of the Tangier area.

Tangier (or Tanger) has been under the rule of a varied list of countries through the ages including a brief period of british rule in the 17th century. During the Franco-Spanish Protectorate period in the 20th century, Tangiers was declared an international zone. This attracted many European and American visitors to the city and has given it a more cosmopolitan feel than others in Morocco.
Spanish is widely spoken here as a second language whereas other city dwellers will normally speak French and the souks are more geared towards tourists or even day-trippers. Tangiers, after all, is only 15Km across the water from Europe and is very accessible by ferry.

About 120Km south west of Tangier, is the village of Chefchaouen, founded by Muslems and Jews who were pushed out of Spain by the Christians in the 15th century. This village high in the Rif Mountains was largely cut off from the rest of Morocco and gives a good indication of what Moorish Andalucia (southern Spain) used to be like.

Tangiers can be accessed via Tangier Airport, 15 Km south west of the city and via the port, with ferries from Spain and Gibraltar

The following golf courses are in the Tangier area -

Cabo Negro Royal Golf, a 18 hole course, on the Mediterranean coast, 8Km north of Tetouan, 45Km south east of Tangier
Royal Country Golf Club, a 18 hole course, 3 Km west of Tangier

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