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Fez, the cultural centre of Morocco.

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An old Tannery in the Momroccan city of Fez

Map of the Fez area.

An old tannery in Fez
Image © Bogicevic

Fez was the capital of Morocco for 4 centuries and Fez el Bali the old city (medina) is possibly the oldest and largest medieval cities in the world and one of the best preserved.
Fez is the cultural and religious centre of Morocco tegether with being home to Morocco's oldest university.

The medieval medina of Fez is a truly working city, not a museum piece, where craftsmen use techniques which may not have changed for many centuries.
There is an important tanning area in Fez el Bali where animal skins are cured and dyed together with a wool dying quarter. These areas and the methods used will certainly not have been changed by modern technology.

The markets or Souks are as intriguing and diverse as any in Morocco with different areas specialising in different and diverse products.

Fez can be accessed via Fez Airport situated 10Km south of the city.

The following golf courses are in the Fez area -

Fez Royal Golf Club, a 18 hole course, 15Km south of Fez city, on the road towards Ifrane and close to the airport

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