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Casablanca, the place and the people.

Moroccan Cities and Towns

The Mosque of Hassan II, Casablanca

Map of the Casablanca area.

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Casablanca had been a small coastal town until the period of French rule from 1907 when it grew to beome Morocco's busiest port and its industrial and economic centre.
Casablanca now has a population approaching 5 million.

The city centreis impressive and modern with wide streets and clean buildings. Possibly the most impressive building in Casablanca is the Grand Mosque of Hassan II, completed in 1994 with room for 20,000 to worship inside and 80,000 outside in the courtyard. The tower (or minaret) is 210m high and is the highest minaret in the world. The cost of constructing the mosque is reported to have approached 1 billion dollars and is built partly over the sea, with a glass floor and opening roof.

There is also an old part (medina) to the city and market area (Souk) though not as impressive as some of the older cities. It was originally a relatively small town after all.

Casabalnca can be accessed via Casablanca Airport, 25 Km south of the city.

The following golf courses are in the Casablanca area -

Anfa Royal Golf Club, a 9 hole course, within Casablanca city
Ben Slimane Royal Golf, a 18 hole course, On the outskirts of Ben Slimane, 40 Km east of Casablanca
Casa Green Golf Club, a 18 hole course, 8Km south of central Casablanca
Mohammedia Royal Golf Club, a 18 hole course, at Mohammedia, 20Km north east of Casablanca
Settat University Royal Golf Club, a 9 hole course, 1 Km north of Settat, 65 Km south of Casablanca, on the road to Marrakech

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